Cryptography EngineerIoTeXPosted: 17/06/2019

Job Summary

The privacy-centric blockchain platform to power the Internet of Trusted Things


  • We are looking for cryptography engineers to work on various aspects of IoTeX blockchain technologies, with emphasis on the design, analysis and implementation of innovative and efficient cryptographic algorithms and protocols that improve on the scalability, security and privacy of existing blockchain methodologies and pave the way for securing a wide range of Internet of Things (IoT) applications with IoTex blockchains.


  • Master’s or PhD in cryptography, mathematics, computer science, or related fields
  • Solid background in cryptographic algorithms and protocols such as elliptic curve cryptography, digital signature, commitment scheme, zero-knowledge proof, secure multiparty computation, etc.
  • Experience designing novel cryptographic primitives and protocols
  • Experience drafting and validating security specification and proofs
  • Experience implementing cryptographic primitives and protocols in various platforms using C/C++, Golang or Python


  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
  • Smart contracts
  • Security and privacy for distributed systems
  • Security and privacy for various IoT systems (e.g., wireless sensor networks, RFID systems, smart grid, vehicular ad-hoc networks, etc.)


  • H1B sponsorship available
  • Competitive Compensation
  • Medical, Dental, Vision
  • Yummy lunch and snacks
  • Referral bonus


The privacy-centric blockchain  platform to power the Internet of Trusted Things



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