FPGA EngineerIMC TradingPosted: 11/08/2019

Job Summary

Trading nowadays happens in a highly competitive technological landscape; the best trading idea alone doesn’t cut it anymore. Instead, only the best trading ideas that are enabled via robust, scalable and fast technology win.

Do you enjoy the process of problem solving, a process where you recognize areas of improvement and iterate and innovate to improve? Does your curiosity and desire to learn drive you?


  • On most exchanges the trade goes to the party that gets there first, so latency is incredibly importantto us and we’re always trying to find ways to become a little bit faster.
  • As an FPGA engineer you work with the trading and infrastructure teams to implement the trading strategies while getting the most out of our infrastructure.
  • You'll work in a small team that takes responsibility to own the complete solution. This includes finding ways to become more productive, improve testing and thinking about measuring and monitoring.
  • Manage the deployment process of solutions as they are developed.  We do our best to get changes to production as quickly as possible as improvements can have a very clear effect on our profitability.
  • However we are very careful that this focus on getting our work in production does not compromise quality. We value good engineering practices and we take our responsibilities for stable financial markets very seriously.
  • We currently use a combination of Verilog/VHDL, C++ and scripting languages for our FPGA systems. We automate our testing as much as possible. We connect to exchanges over Ethernet so understanding the details of network protocols and network infrastructure is a very important aspect of the job.


  • Tertiary qualified in Computer Systems, IT Engineering, Electronic Engineering or Technology with strong academic results, or relevant experience in lieu
  • Fluent in VHDL and/or SystemVerilog, as well as a programming language (preferably C++)
  • Ability to design and implement high speed, low latency programmable logic designs
  • Good understanding of network protocols and network infrastructure
  • Linux skills are beneficial
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to work within a team, as well as cross-functionally
  • The ability to think critically in a high-paced, constantly changing environment; a sense of urgency is a must


  • To make your move to Sydney as smooth as possible we provide (temporary) accommodation and arrange for a relocation agency to support you while settling in. We’ll also help you (and your family) with all formal procedures.
  • Your well-being is our priority, so we’ll offer paid parental leave or additional time off in unforeseen circumstances.
  • The Sydney office has a wide range of classes available throughout the week to suit all fitness levels and preferences (bootcamp, boxing and more!) Furthermore, we will pay 50% of your gym membership up to $75 per month.
  • Every day we provide free breakfast options, freshly-prepared dinner, good coffee, and a variety of teas and soft drinks, fresh fruit and snacks.
  • Full-time employees receive 20 paid days annual leave. You'll get one additional day for each year you're with us, up to a maximum of 25 days.



For three decades IMC has provided liquidity to the financial markets globally. Specialised in algorithmic trading and advanced technology, we set the pace for the evolution of market making.



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