Job Summary

Mentally Friendly is looking for a friendly, communicative, problem solver to join our Happy Team and deliver elegant, human-centred, production-ready software.


  • As a full stack developer you'll be responsible for co-designing and delivering high quality websites, apps, digital platforms, and prototypes using modern JavaScript technologies. You'll work within a team of multi-disciplined product managers, designers, developers, and strategists. Our collaborative approach to building products will provide you with the opportunity to be involved in every stage of a product's lifecycle; planning through to delivery.
  • You will have regular contact with the client and will be expected to clearly communicate your ideas and concerns to them. Everyone at Mentally Friendly is a consultant for our clients; offering recommendations and support to our clients in areas beyond their job description.


  • Highly proficient in a modern JavaScript framework; Vue, Nuxt, or React.
  • Highly proficient in using SCSS/LESS to create beautiful and responsive layouts.
  • Highly proficient in using modern HTML to create accessible and SEO friendly pages.
  • Proficient in using cloud platforms like AWS, Netlify, or Firebase.
  • Proficient in using NoSQL databases; i.e. MongoDB or DynamoDB.
  • Proficient in using version control; i.e. GitHub.
  • Strong problem solving abilities.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Experience with building Node and Express applications.
  • Experience with building React Native apps.
  • Experience with building Electron apps.
  • Experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment services like CodeShip.
  • Experience with building interactive, digital prototypes.
  • Experience with creating clean, modern, well-documented code.
  • An awareness of creating 3D/AR products.
  • An expert in your field and able to clearly communicate your ideas and concerns to your team and to the client.
  • A confident and motivated individual with an action bias and a growth mindset.
  • Applying a consultative approach to working on projects and with clients.
  • Collaborating with your team and the client in every stage of a product's lifecycle; from planning to delivery.
  • Responsible for estimating your own tasks and managing your own workflow to meet the deadlines which you will have set with your team.
  • Able to recognise when problems should be escalated to product managers or advisors.
  • Deciding which technology to use for a project and how to implement it.
  • Able to judge if a product feature provides enough value to justify the cost to the client.
  • Able to adapt to Mentally Friendly's processes, but able to suggest improvements.
  • Able to receive constructive criticism.


  • We are happy to sponsor visas for the right international candidate.
  • We believe that having fun is a key ingredient to producing great work - especially when project delivery dates are approaching. Everyone's birthday is celebrated with a song and a slice of cake. There is an informal PT club held at lunchtime once a week. And we often get together for BBQs in the park across the road, team dinners, and the odd ten pin bowling tournament.


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