Job Summary

Casafari solves the chaos on the real estate market by bringing transparency with the cleanest and most complete real estate database in the world.


You will work in one of those three projects (depending on priority/experience):

  • Similarity Search: Duplicate listing detection (there can be up to 50 different listings per property with varying meta data).
  • NLP: named entity recognition and information extraction such as types of the property, names of locations, status of property listings (from text and images), features of the property.
  • Computer vision: object identification, image classification, duplicate detection.


  • Proven practical experience with real machine learning/statistical modeling projects (on university or professionally) on large datasets
  • Good knowledge of Python (experience using pandas, scikit-learn and visualization packages. Deep Learning packages are an extra)
  • Excellent statistical knowledge and very critical mindset


  • Cool office in Bairro Alto, with 250 SQ.M. open terrace full of sun and plants (a popular lunchtime spot for the team)
  • Company Stock Options - the opportunity to own a piece of the company
  • Autonomy - clear added value to the team and company
  • Awesome team - the chance to work with smart and ambitious people from all over the world
  • Free access to the CASAFARI platform (helpful if you’re looking for a place to live)
  • Weekly gym classes on the terrace with our PT Luís
  • Discount off access to a well-known gym with branches all over Portugal
  • Monthly Health Weeks
  • Kitchen with fruit and gluten-free/sugar-free healthy snacks (don’t worry, we have gluten-free chocolate cookies)
  • Quarterly team events
  • Company apartment in the centre of Lisbon if you come to Portugal from another country
  • Full support and sponsorship for visa and residence permits
  • A small library to feed your curiosity


CASAFARI brings transparency to the real estate market by indexing over 10 million listings from more than 9 thousand sources, daily


Artificial Intelligence

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