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At source{d} we are building the technology stack for the next generation of Machine Learning powered developer tools. We are an open-core company built around our Open Source projects. We have raised over eight million USD so far, and we are currently growing our team.


  • As a Lead Engineer, you will be expected to plan current and future work, provide mentorship and oversee the progress of the team. In general, being able to make day-to-day work smooth for everyone in the team is essential.
  • In terms of coding, you will have a two-fold role: on one hand it's a Data Engineering, building production-level pipelines to collect and extract data from all the git repositories in the world. On the other hand, building web applications to productionize Machine Learning research on both, backend and frontend sides.
  • You will be expected to have strong backend coding skills in at least one programming language and very good algorithmic skills. Scala coding skills and knowledge about Apache Spark aren't required but will be highly appreciated.
  • Building tools for day to day use by software engineers requires good understanding of modern development processes and approaches: Unit/Integration testing, scrum, code reviews, CI/CD, Containers, etc.
  • As you will be working closely with the Machine Learning team - strong communication skills and interest in Machine Learning, data process, and visualization are more than welcome.
  • You will deal with models built using modern ML stacks written in Python and C++ such as Tensorflow and Tensorboard, so familiarity with any of those tools is a plus.
  • You will have a major role in the hiring process, including screening candidates, initial calls, coding challenge reviews etc.


  • Applications (Scala, Go, Python, and Frontend tools): Builds CLI/Web applications combining ML research with our stack.
  • Machine Learning (C++ and Python): Performs R&D for Machine Learning on Source Code.
  • Data Retrieval (Scala and Go): Builds the technology that finds, fetches, stores and analyzes over +60M Git repositories.
  • Language Analysis (Go and another +15): Focused on Babelfish, the universal code parsing server.
  • Infrastructure (Go and Python): Manages a cluster of on-prem bare metal servers with Kubernetes and CoreOS, and GCP for user facing applications.


  • We go to conferences and other developer events!
  • Open Source Days, every second Monday, you are encouraged to work on any OSS project you choose.
  • Flexible hours, set your own schedule that fits you.
  • Free books. We will buy any books that help you learn & grow.
  • If you choose to work from one of our offices, you will enjoy a comfortable and spacious environment.
  • Annual summer and winter Christmas parties and a hackathon retreat are held in Madrid and all team members are flown over for it.
  • We offer visa and relocation support for those wanting to work in the Madrid office


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