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Merpay’s mission is to build trust for a seamless society. Our aim is to change the way money is circulated, establish a Merpay that provides all kinds of services, and develop a world where everyone can enjoy peace of mind.

Merpay aims to bring liquidity and innovation to the world of finance, and create new value not just for consumers, but for businesses as well.


  • As a Machine Learning Engineer at Mercari, you will apply your machine learning skills to develop the Mercari C2C (consumer to consumer), marketplace app. Advancements in machine learning and computational resources are leading to remarkable innovations in both technology and business. We are actively utilizing advanced machine learning technologies in order to provide a more convenient and fun marketplace.
  • Using sales and transaction data, engineers in this position will utilize machine learning technology to handle a diverse set of tasks such as optimizing search features, image recognition, anomaly detection, and recommendations. They will also work together with our server-side engineers and data scientists to design algorithms and conduct implementation work on our services.
  • In addition, Merpay members will use machine learning to work on tasks involving credit scoring, fraud detection, and recommendation engines. Members will be asked to work together with product managers to conduct a complete range of duties, including identifying business challenges, conducting mathematical modeling, implementation and feedback, and microservice development and operation.


  • Shared belief in Mercari and Merpay’s mission and values
  • Candidate must be a student over 16 years old who will be available to join the company after 2020
  • Experience and expertise in machine learning.
  • Experience publishing or presenting academic papers.
  • Must be familiar and experienced with at least one machine learning or statistical modeling framework
  • Experience working on end-to-end development of machine learning applications, including prototyping, model evaluation, and error analysis, using Python or other languages.
  • Experience developing web services or API using Flask, Django, or other web frameworks.
  • Fundamental knowledge of RDBMS and SQL.


  • Experience using TensorFlow, PyTorch, Chainer, Caffe, or other deep learning frameworks
  • Experience with data analysis and development using the cloud (especially Google Cloud Platform)
  • Experience analyzing large-scale data using distributed processing technology
  • Experience developing and maintaining microservices using Docker/Kubernetes.
  • Experience publishing or presenting academic papers.
  • Experience applying for patents.
  • Award-winning experience at ML related competition such as Kaggle


  • Health insurance
  • Incentive program
  • Employee stock ownership plan
  • Full transportation coverage
  • Custom PC
  • Dual screen if needed
  • Company smartphone
  • Visa support


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